5 Steps to DevOps Success

5 Steps to DevOps Success

1. Form a small, close-working team.

  • This team needs to cover all the disciplines of the project.
  • This is important because of the friction of making changes in a large group prohibits experimentation.
  • Information sharing and ad-hoc coordination is easier in small teams.
  • If you need to get approval from someone in another department, they probably need to be on the team.
  • Use your autonomy to solve the problem.

2. Choose a greenfield project.

  • A project with zero legacy baggage that is important for the company and solves a problem.
  • This clears the table and allows the "what if" questions and conversation to flow freely.
  • This is where real change happens.
  • When someone says "Gosh, we spend so much time doing x." "What if we never have to do that again?" - That is how you know you're on the right track.

3. Implement a process

  • This should encompass the ENTIRE experience from code to customer.
  • During this process, make small, incremental progress, and evaluate frequently.
  • Consistently pick out the next thing that is the most painful.
  • Solve it quickly until it is no longer the most painful thing and move on to the next thing.
  • Don't focus on problems specifically in the build pipeline.
  • Look at customer support issues, operational issues, and development issues.
  • This is why ALL disciplines are needed on the small team in the beginning.
  • Folks with the right attitude and knowledge of the problem space.

4. Teach By Example

  • Slowly add members to the team to learn from the good / working example.
  • This is where the maintenance worker mindset can be slowly changed.
  • They will need to see how the new methods are so much better right in front of them.
  • Resistance to change goes out the window when the new method is easier and better to use.

5. Be Consistent and Facilitate Change

  • Every project after this one follows the same process until all projects in the company are under the same process.
  • Help those that are new to the process.
  • Teach the better methods and easier ways.
The DevOps Gardener.

The DevOps Gardener.

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